We have a great set of facilities at our disposal and an active social calendar. Anything from Club Poker Nights and camping to impromptu BBQs.

Formerly as the Old Skinners' Cricket Club it has a great supportive backing and is as great place to spend your Saturday afternoons.

The club has its origins with the Old Skinners Cricket Society, an "Old Boys" association formed from ex-pupils of The Skin­ners School for Boys in Tunbridge Wells. The Club was previously known as the Old Skinners Cricket Club and started playing in 1936. It was disbanded during World War II and reformed in 1946

For ten seasons the Club played friendly matches on the play­ing field in the Skinners School grounds in St Johns Road. Tun­bridge Wells. It was a small, sloping, much used ground that now houses a number of new buildings for the School

In the late 1950s. the Old Skinners Cricket Club was offered temporary use of part of the School playing fields in Southfield Park in Southborough. Within a couple of years, the club had moved to St Mark's Playing Fields, taking with them the Old Skinners Rugby Club, and creating the Old Skinners Sports Club as a result.