Equipment list

Depending on age groups, there is a variety of recommended kit.

Colts Shirts: We have ordered some new Borderers Colts shirts and these will be available in various sizes. We have some limited numbers of last year’s kit for the U11-15’s in stock and the new kit should be arriving during May. The cost will £5 per shirt.

Cricket equipment: We will have all of the necessary equipment (helmets, pads, gloves, bats, etc.) available at both coaching sessions and matches. If you are unsure as to what your child needs please do not hesitate to contact us.

Equipment U9 U11 U13 U15
Ball used Incrediball Junior hardball Junior hardball Senior hardball
Helmet N/A Recommended Required Required
Box Recommended Required Required Required
Leg pads   Required Required Required
Thigh pad   Desirable Recommended Recommended
Batting gloves N/A Required Required Required
Cricket shoes   Desirable Recommended Recommended
Cricket whites N/A Required Required Required


Required: Each colt should have his or her own.
Recommended: Beneficial for each colt to have his or her own.
Desirable: Useful for each colt to have his or her own.

The vast majority of the equipment used by TWBCC Colts has been brought from Kent Cricket Direct (KCD), opposite the fire station in Southborough, and we recommend them for personal items. KCD staff will provide impartial advice, as will any of the Colts coaches.