Borderers line up 5th win in a row

After a running streak of success, the Borderers 1st XI were lining up for their 5th consecutive win

Only Willingdon CC stood in their way and with this being a team that Ross Jefferies had hit a score more than 25 against, the team was hopeful. Saturday arrived and with this being the one week of English sun in the year, the St Marks square resembled nothing more than a West Indian track. The outfield was pristine, the sun was shining and the temperature was as hot as a night out in moo moos. 

Captain Ben Edwards unusually lost the toss but Borderers were allowed the chance to bowl another team out for a low total. Callum Wood opened the bowling, creating a chance for none other than the crazy catch himself Ben Edwards. The chance went down and that was it, the moody 12 year old of last week was back, explaining for the next 33 overs that people should have been concentrating in the field. Callum went on to give away 40 odd runs for no wickets whatsoever. 

On the other end, our resident overseas and alcoholic Daniel 'the dab' Heuston pressurised the Willingdon batsman, taking 3 early wickets in the only 7 overs he is allowed before needing a 14 over break to recover. Callum's younger and better brother Emerson 'private' Wood took over the bowling duties from Dan, creating chances. Two members of the team, Harry '3 catch' Woodmansee and Rob 'Pokemon go' Teague, had travelled all the way back from Bristol to be a part of the team were given two opportunities. A diving chance from the best shot of the day for Woodmansee at gully as well as what can only be called a 'sitter' for Teague both went begging. The Willingdon batsmen were holding on by their skin of their teeth, which is more than could be said for one member of the team. Despite the chances, Private Wood still managed to skittle through the top order, with South African Umpire Adam Danckert giving his first ever lbw decision. 

Josh 'moory' Moor picked up the bowling from the pavilion end, threatening the batsmen with his pace. Another chance went begging for young Woodmansee, diving to his left this time in the slips as the ball flew off the edge. Not a good day for the in form catcher. The Willingdon batsman, desperate to get off strike from pace man moor, took a risky run but Willingdon born Teague took James Brooker's throwing advice and the run out was missed. Moor took his one wicket, making room for James Freeman to try his best. It didn't look good early doors with two beautiful half trackers in his first over. However, his bowling improved allowing Teague to take his first catch for many weeks (and possibly ever). Wood took the last two after bullying a nervous 12 year old at the crease to leave Willingdon 126 all out on a very good batting wicket. Poor in the field but a strong bowling performance allowed TWBCC the chance to close out another match before 6. 

The sun was still shining and openers Dan Heuston and Rob Teague went into face some throw downs from the Willingdon opener. The two batsmen performed to their usual best, putting on a decent total before Teague decided to give them the only bowling point, once again proving he was Willingdon born. Heartless Jefferies came in at 3 to hit their 12 year old for several consecutive boundaries. Another Heuston 50 followed by the infamous dab and the game was quickly over. Borderers win another game before 6 pm and continue their strive for the history books.

A team shower, a multitude of fines and a bbq finished off a brilliant Saturday in the sun. Bring on next week to tie the record win streak.