Another game done by 6pm

Borderers tore through the away side to have them all out for 52 making it a third consecutive week they would be chasing less than 100.

The fellas were back at home this week and were embarking on the chance to go 4 in a row against a depleted 10 man Pevensey side. Once again the captain Ben Edwards does his part and won the toss, and once again putting the opposition in to bat. 

Overseas bowler Daniel Heuston was unlucky at the start with a dropped catch by a player whom shalln't be named. Meanwhile at the other end Emmersons brother Callum Wood, which before the game had a strop that of a 12 year old boy put his 'tough week' behind him and bowled great for his 5 wickets. 1st change 'fast' bowler James Freeman stepped up and took 3 well deserved wickets of his own and even bagged a stumping, certainly a dint to his fast bowler credentials. Young 1st XI debutant Callum Crooke snagged the last wicket. Also special mention to Rob Teague for dropping a sitter but nonetheless Borderers tore through the away side to have them all out for 52 (the 3rd week TWBCC have bowled a team out for under 100). 

A quick change around and once again opening pair Daniel Heuston and Rob Teague got off to a flying start until the young Aussie took fellow immigrant Patrick Andersons advice and gave the opposing team their only point by throwing his wicket away. However, Teague continued to destroy their bowlers in quick time assisted by Ross Jefferies, who targeted a vulnerable 12 year old kid to score his runs. The lads ended up chasing the total in 9.4 overs. The team culture is strong in the side and confidence is at an all time. Another 'successful' result on and off the field. Moo moos providing the goods. Nuff said.